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Jon Stanger

In order to avoid ever settling for a career path, Jon adds 'political columnist' to residential support for people with a disability, sound engineering, welfare, office administrator and politics. Jon played a key role in organising the first Walk Against Warming in Ballarat, probably just to make some new friends and give concerned layabouts something to do.

Somewhat annoyingly if you're unlucky enough to have a conversation with him, Jon sees politics in everything from food and music to waste and recycling. Expect content relevant to the local community with a political edge and make sure you comment and criticise: we're relying on you for some balance.

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Articles By Jon Stanger

Catherine King shifts on same-sex marriage

Catherine King shifts on same-sex marriage Author: Jon StangerCategories: Issues, Stories, Politics,

Nine months ago Greens MP Adam Bandt moved a successful motion for MPs to seek the views of the people in their electorates on recognising same-sex relationships and same-sex marriage. On Wednesday 24 August MPs reported back to Parliament on their findings. Nine months ago Member for Ballarat Cath

Students project hearing awareness

Students project hearing awareness Author: Jon StangerCategories: Issues, Stories, Arts, Community

Graphic arts students have featured in the statewide launch of Hearing Awareness Week, with their work projected onto the front of Ballarat Town Hall. Ballarat City Council, University of Ballarat and Deaf Access Grampians have partnered to promote Hearing Awareness Week and give students the oppor

Hey young people, drink to be king

Hey young people, drink to be king Author: Jon StangerCategories: Issues, Stories, Health, Politics

Independent Distillers are looking to recruit a new generation of drinkers with a billboard targeting young people in Ballarat. Picturing three young men who appear to be just over 18 drinking on the streets, the 'Three Kings' advertisements are the latest attempt from Independent Distillers to rec

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