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Jon Stanger

In order to avoid ever settling for a career path, Jon adds 'political columnist' to residential support for people with a disability, sound engineering, welfare, office administrator and politics. Jon played a key role in organising the first Walk Against Warming in Ballarat, probably just to make some new friends and give concerned layabouts something to do.

Somewhat annoyingly if you're unlucky enough to have a conversation with him, Jon sees politics in everything from food and music to waste and recycling. Expect content relevant to the local community with a political edge and make sure you comment and criticise: we're relying on you for some balance.

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Articles By Jon Stanger

Wind turbines good for health?

Wind turbines good for health? Author: Jon StangerCategories: Issues, Stories, Health, Humour

Some people don't like wind turbines, but a little known secret about the health benefits of living near wind turbines has been revealed. You'd need to dredge through court transcripts to discover the latest health tip, but here at The Ballarat Independent we care about your health so we've done jus

Babushka Bar - a day in review

Babushka Bar - a day in review Author: Jon StangerCategories: Stories, Arts, Music, Community, Venues

It may have been a cold and rainy day in Ballarat, but the fires of creativity were burning at Babushka Bar on Saturday 10 April. Babushka Bar is a new addition to Ballarat, replacing Bar Saloon Bar on Hummfray St North. Starting with a highly anticipated exhibition opening for Ron McKeegan's visua

How I got 'Gullifer' syndrome

How I got 'Gullifer' syndrome Author: Jon StangerCategories: Issues, Stories, Humour, Politics

Years ago, when I'd first moved to Ballarat, I liked The Courier, didn't have anything against it. It seemed to keep me in touch with what was happening around town and in the region and as a new resident that was quite helpful. I've even subscribed to The Courier at times and read it most days wit

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